Smart Thermostat Project

The project aims at introducing a new way for households to visualise their energy consumption for heating. Before saving comes understanding daily consumption and the goal is to design a device capable of displaying various information that can push any user of the general public to save energy. GLOW differs from current smart thermostats available on the market as it focuses on both factual and social factors that affect domestic heating usage. GLOW offers additional user personalisation so that the device can be both automatically and manually adapted to better suit the needs and preferences of each individual. The project is made up of three main areas: the GLOW thermostat device, a supporting website and an online database.

The device is made of a Raspberry Pi, connceted to a touch screen, and embedded into a sleak 3D printed enclosure. It interacts with the user via a GUI that was designed using python's libraries. The website and the device can access the database where the user's details are saved and can be modified. A temperature sensor was used for the energy consumption calculations based on fundamental thermodynamics notions.

General description of the final product:

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Project supervisor: Dr. Jeremy Pitt, Deputy Head of the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group at IC.